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25 September 2024
A&O Shearman Offices, London

Private Credit Connect: London

Uniting the world’s top private capital investors with Europe’s most high-potential large corporates, middle-market originators & SME borrowers

Enabling high-potential Investor/Borrower private credit partnerships in asset-based finance, direct lending & specialty finance

The organisers of Global ABS and ABS East, the world's largest structured finance industry marketplaces, present their first stand alone Private Credit conference in London, Private Credit Connect. 

THE place where the largest & most active private credit funds and institutional investors come to access the most high-potential fixed income investment opportunities.

THE place where the most pro-active & growth-focussed SME, middle-market and large cap firms come to access bespoke private funding with the most attractive financing terms.

You can expect 250 market participants sharing insights, experiences and forging partnerships over the course of a high-impact day.  This is your London opportunity to meet, explore & do deals in asset-based finance, direct lending and specialty finance. 


Why is Invisso best placed to organise Europe's premier private credit event?

Our investor relationships

Our investor relationships

For over 30 years, we have built an incredible network of investor friends, even launching Fixed Income Investor Network (FIIN)- an investor-only membership association of over 600 members. 
Our reputation with the best issuers

Our reputation with the best issuers

Global ABS and ABS East are renowned in issuer communities for being the place to go to meet serious investors. Issuers know that joining our events is the most efficient and effective use of their time regularly taking 15+ meetings a day.

Our scale

Our scale

We deliver the go-to conferences in structured finance. Invisso knows the key players and has thousands of industry contacts to draw from.

Our expertise 

Our expertise 

We are the largest and most experienced event team in the fixed income world. You can trust us to deliver a world-class event.

Thank you to our supporters

Leading Private Credit Firms speaking at our Private Credit World Series

Hear what delegates are saying about our Private Credit events


Access leading market insight at our private credit event

Explore the macro-economic trends shaping the private credit landscape

Understand the potential intended
and unintended consequences of increased regulatory scrutiny

Determine the drivers of opportunity and growth in asset-based finance

Capitalise on the exponential market growth within direct lending

Uncover emerging trends in specialty middle market financing

Delight in weird and wonderful esoteric finance opportunities and be the first to see future market innovations

Explore the potential of bank/credit fund partnerships plus hybrid private equity and private credit financing models

Unlock deal expertise to get the right terms for your business


Why it's good for your business if Europe's private credit market thrives   

Demonstrate your commitment to the European private credit community by taking a central role at Invisso's first annual Private Credit Connect conference.

We have a limited number of Founding Partner roles available for the right businesses. If you'd like your business to be central to the development of this high potential private credit event, get in touch. These roles would involve:

  • Using your industry expertise to help develop the private credit conference programme to ensure the right blend of industry themes
  • Prominent speaking roles to showcase your industry knowledge
  • High profile branding for your firm before, during and after the event
  • Well-located meeting rooms to enable meaningful business discussions

Interested to find out more?  Get in touch before these opportunities are all reserved...

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Join us at our Host Sponsor location:
A&O Shearman
One Bishops Square

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