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Join the largest and most experienced events team dedicated to the fixed income world!

What's great about working at Invisso?

We thought you should hear from the team yourselves... 

'I love working here because of our environment where communication flows freely among all employees, regardless of their position within the hierarchy. Everyone is given an equal opportunity to voice their opinions and contribute ideas. Innovation is encouraged at all levels of the organization. We are empowered to think creatively, experiment with new ideas, and propose innovative solutions.' Victoria

'Invisso allows me to blend my creative expertise with my passion for dynamic environments. Seeing my ideas come to life in the vibrant atmosphere of events is incredibly rewarding for me!' Teo

'Seeing the Impact!  Seeing attendees enjoying an event, witnessing successful outcomes, and receiving positive feedback is highly fulfilling and gratifying.' Viktoriya

'I get to travel the world (Saudi Arabia, Miami, Vienna, Munich, Armenia, NY in the past year!) and make amazing memories with colleagues who have become great friends.' Molly

'I feel like I am a key member of a smart and supportive team that is really passionate about what they do' Jade

Our culture and values


We are passionate about what we do and take true pride in creating the best possible events for our customers. It matters to us that we get to the crux of a challenge the industry is facing. It matters to us that our events enable the industry to do business as efficiently as possible. In short, this really matters to us!


At Invisso we know that the key to delivering the most successful events, is collaboration. Recognizing the unique skills each department brings to our business and coming together to collaborate and drive an event forward make us what we are.


At Invisso we challenge the status quo.  We embrace new technologies and new event concepts to deliver our events better.  We listen to the market and evolve in tandem.  We have a culture of encouraging new ideas. Innovation drives us forward.


Every member of the team feels the respect and reputation that our founding businesses (IMN Structured Finance and Euromoney Conferences) have been painstakingly built on over the past 50 years.  This excellence is in our DNA and the legacy drives us to live up to the impressive standards set.

Our Locations

New York

Rockerfeller Centre

1270 Avenue of the Americas

Floor 11

New York

NY 10020

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Hong Kong

12/F, The Spaces

8 Queen’s Road East


Hong Kong

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